Your Wild Soul Reflection

An "Aries Season Conversation" with Hannah Mayree of the Black Banjo Reclamation Project

April 04, 2022 M Ruth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
An "Aries Season Conversation" with Hannah Mayree of the Black Banjo Reclamation Project
Show Notes

Today, 4-4  is the 2nd anniversary of "Your Sacred Wild Soul Podcast".  This was my very own surprise moment because I had not realized that  two years have flown by, and it's time to Celebrate.

Thank you so much Dear Listeners for tuning in while I've been learning to navigate the podcast airwaves. 

In this "Aries season" episode,  we have an opportunity to hear how the unique, creative and artistic process has unfolded for Ms Hannah Mayree  as  she shares her Soul vision, life direction and personal journey.

So who is Hannah Mayree?  She is an accomplished banjo/guitar player, musician, singer/songwriter, traveler, and advocate for understanding our Earth, and how Nature supports all of humanity.  Out of her music  has come the "Black Banjo Reclamation Project",  which seeks to reconnect people of the African Diaspora, with ancestral re-membrance that all people everywhere, have the same life needs for acknowledgement as human beings. 

In our conversation, Hannah does not skirt around the difficult topics of how the banjo became an instrument of controversy.  Its origins have been shrouded in false beliefs, while  the appropriation mentality through colonization sought to obliterate its African beginnings.

Hannah is passionate and speaks with a wisdom beyond her years.  She speaks about music, and specifically the banjo project as being a means of bringing clarity, focus and healing to many people in the Black community.

If you listen closely, you just may be able to here the "Ancient Gourd" telling a story through Hannah's voice. You see the "gourd" and the banjo are bridges across the centuries.  Everything comes full circle in the light of truth.

Be sure and check out Hannah's videos on You Tube.

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