Your Sacred Wild Soul

The Portal and Path to Your Magnificent Superpowers and Treasure Chest: Tap Into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

May 14, 2022 M Ruth McCants
Your Sacred Wild Soul
The Portal and Path to Your Magnificent Superpowers and Treasure Chest: Tap Into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
Show Notes

For the past week or so I have been mulling over the episode(s) for this month.  Now Mercury retrograde in Gemini is definitely noteworthy.  I am going to do an episode on navigating retrogrades, and how they can be some of the most insightful times of the year.

I certainly cannot forget wonderful  the gas giant of the solar system, Jupiter in Aries, who's starting her/his /their new 12 year mission around the  zodiac wheel.   As Jupiter makes it's yearly return to each sign, this is definitely cause for celebration.

But, I was caught slightly off guard because the "Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio" sent a message that indicated that I would step through the "Gateway/Portal" myself, and my episode subject is what you are listening to right now.

I clearly received the message that yes, Mercury in Gemini is important,  and so is Jupiter in Aries, but the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse  is the "Superpower Headliner".

Let me be clear, when I get a download from the "Cosmic Council" this is what I call the planets, spirit guides, etc., I do my best to flow with the directive that I'm given. 

There are many  astrological keywords that you can read about.  But, the message I received seemed to be clear. This full moon is about going deep into the inner awareness, knowing and wisdom that we all possess.   It would seem that this a fabulous time to access and to activate something that is unique and meaningful for you.

Here's something  else that is totally clear.  In order to really experience, express and live your "Superpower", we have to step  into the darkness, and trust that the moon will illuminate what has been mostly hidden.  In this episode,  the sign of Scorpio represents the ability to look deeply within,  and face the scary, fearsome, fearful, overlooked and often not approved of parts of self. 

Our magnificent "Superpowers" in our personal "treasure chests"
, are what will bring the personal and collective transformation that is so absolutely needed in all of our lives.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings the energy of two powerful planetary energies  together as embodied in Mars the ancient guardian/ruler and Pluto  the modern guiding energy. 

Mars is how we move toward or take "action on" our desires, dreams, choices,  Pluto is the ability to transform and transmute what no longer serves our soul experiences.  Pluto is the connection with  standing in our own power.   This planet deals with  inner self-mastery.

  • What Superpower are you going to call on, and bring from the depths of the "shadows?
  •  What steps are you willing to take, so that you can live your life on your own terms?

It is important to remember that we can have company in the sense of someone who is trusted and supportive of what you desire to be, do and have can walk on the path,  but the action of reclaiming your " Superpower" is a solo quest. 

This Full Moon is the opportunity to clear all of the toxic feelings, debilitating emotions, false beliefs and anything that does not support life and Soul well-b

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Enjoy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Drumming Video:

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