Your Wild Soul Reflection

Let This Rare, Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Show You the Way: A Triple Conjunction with Uranus, Mars and North Node In the Sign of Taurus

July 31, 2022 M Ruth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Let This Rare, Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Show You the Way: A Triple Conjunction with Uranus, Mars and North Node In the Sign of Taurus
Show Notes

Welcome to this epic segment of Your Sacred Wild Soul. 

In this episode,  I invite you to sit back and listen to the conversation with meditation guide, spiritual mentor, writer, deck creator and most recently certified astrologer,  Bindi Shah.   In our conversation she imparts her thoughts and wisdom on what is meditation, and why a spiritual practice is  so helpful during these turbulent times. 

We also talk about how meditation can and does  take different forms.  This is a conversation you may want to do  a repeat listen on. 

As an added feature to this episode  I'm sharing  some astrology thoughts on this "Rare Uranus/Mars/North Node Conjunction.  It  is serving as our new "GPS" system to give us a more in depth life and Soul direction, if we choose to use it.

he astrology world is abuzz" about the 3 way conjunction happening between "freedom loving Uranus", "time to take action Mars",  and the North node, the  Moon's orbit point.  This powerful planetary aspect is happening on July 31st/August 1st.

Why is this conjunction so rare?  It has been  2,400 years ago since this  cosmic event  occurred.  The absolutely fascinating part is that planets and Node are all together at 18 degrees.  Numerology also gives us a bit of understanding about the importance of what is taking place.  If we add the 1+8= 9.  This is the number of endings.  Interestingly enough if we add  three 9s we get 27, which is also 9. 

We seem to be getting a message that nothing can be the "same", endings.  Uranus and Mars together have the honor of speeding up our abilities to make needed life changes, without carrying baggage from the past.  It's time to lighten up, claim the joy, confidence and waiting liberation.

This conjunction is a messenger of unparalleled magnitude.  Uranus is the planet that represents intuition, cosmic understanding and the ability to discern the direction of the future.  The energetic and vibrational frequency of Uranus is connected with releasing the past and being willing to step into evolutionary possibilities that reveals each persons worth and value.

With Mars and Uranus together, there is an action and direction that emphasizes inspiration, faith and willingness to drop whatever no longer serves ones life in a significant and meaningful way.

Once the North Node in Taurus is added to the mix,  we are being guided and directed to really let go of the past, because it's time to seek a new destiny both collectively and personally.  During this complete revolution and evolution that involves

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