Your Wild Soul Reflection

Full Moon in Aries: Illumination is an Inside Job, Time to Stand in Your Light

October 11, 2022 M Ruth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Full Moon in Aries: Illumination is an Inside Job, Time to Stand in Your Light
Show Notes

 Be awakened and illuminated by  your own inner being, wisdom and brilliance.  

In these final months of 2022,  the world as we've known it,  is coming to undeniable turn in the "proverbial road".

In this moment,  you and I are actually deciding how the future will be revealed.  Here's the  essential question.  Do you and I have the "courage" to stand in the peace and power that we say we want in our lives?

The  essence of this question is centered in the awareness that the thoughts, feelings and words  occurring right now,  will decide how the future will be experienced. 

Generally most people have been socialized and taught that what we see  in the outer world,  is what's important.

The reality....  what we experience as "out there"  is really the past.  If you or I want to change our lives, it becomes absolutely critical to turn and face ourselves in the "Now".    Using your astrology map/blueprint,  is where  you  get "life direction,  self-guidance" and  answers .

If you only observed,  and   just used the movements of the Moon and lunar phases,   it is possible  to live with greater ease and self-understanding.   By utilizing your entire chart as a life guidance map,  imagine how much easier your life might be.

If you are ready to make changes in your life,   it's imperative to stop listening to the latest "memes"  ( A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another).   No one knows what your life is all about, except you.

  Full Moon in Aries,   represents the energy and identity of who you are as life potential.   During this moon phase , it's the time to listen and recognize your own being,  worth and Soul direction.

The major point  is that no one else can tell you who you are.   Your astrology chart is an invaluable source of guidance.  Your life blueprint is unique,  cannot, and won't ever be replicated .

In this episode,  I talk about Aries signaling a "new beginning", especially as a life message toward  developing  a loving relationship first with self,  and then what it means to relate to other people( Sun in Libra).     Mars in Gemini is also a messenger in communicating self-understanding.  It's time to listen to yourself.

How will your "new beginning" give you the harmony, joy, peace and Soul connection that you've wanted for a very long time?

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