Your Wild Soul Reflection

Super New Moon in Aquarius 2023: Ride Your Own Creative Wave, Be Empowered through Your Genius, Intuition and " Your Sacred Wild Soul"

January 21, 2023 MaeRuth McCants Season 3 Episode 1
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Super New Moon in Aquarius 2023: Ride Your Own Creative Wave, Be Empowered through Your Genius, Intuition and " Your Sacred Wild Soul"
Show Notes

In this episode, we are being invited through the  Super New Moon in Aquarius to follow our visions, dreams, wishes  and intentions.   

Energetically this Lunar cycle, with Aquarius as our life and soul guide sign,  offers  an opportunity to truly step up, and stand in the center of your own life.  Actually this Aquarius Moon is setting the tone for  2023.   There are also a number of other clues that we have from the celestial realm.

Some Key Astrological Points

  • Uranus the guide and ruler of Aquarius is going direct on January 22nd.  This is the planet that will help us claim our inner understanding of freedom and truth.
  • Pluto the planet transformation, power and deep truth is giving a preview of how to get rid of what no longer fits our lives.  Letting go of the "emotional baggage", and be willing to step into our real potential.
  • Jupiter in Aries and Mar in Gemini are emphasizing accepting the  willingness to pioneer a new life for yourself.
  • Saturn is still in Aquarius until March.  It is encouraging you to accept sovereignty in the important areas of your life.  Time to leave the dependency on external influences.   

These are just a few considerations.  The main thing at this time is to listen deeply and often, to your own intuitive awareness.  Follow those intuitive and creative nudges, because this Moon/lunar cycle is providing us with some powerful energy that is surrounding us on every side.

As I was, and have listened to this episode,  I am feeling the urgency of the message that  is coming through my words.  Intuitively, I am feeling the inner awareness, and  I'm realizing how important it is to use the energy of this New Moon cycle.

The biggest takeaway in this episode, it about stepping to the "greatness" within yourself.   I can hear you as you read the words, "greatness within".  You're saying, "all those astrologers, reiki teachers, sound healers, etc. are always parroting  this kind of stuff". 

Well,  "Your Sacred Wild Soul"listener, your "Greatness" is the truth of you.  It's the truth of each of us.  The reason we are uncomfortable, and won't let ourselves accept this powerful truth, is because we are waiting for someone else.... the expert or authority to give us "Permission" to be Great.

Aquarius is the visionary, innovator, genius, radical , maverick, the seer of cosmic insights.  You will need to give yourself "Permission" to make a major change in 2023.

Super New Moon in Aquarius "Afformation"; word coined by writer/visionary Noah St.John.  An afformation is

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