Your Wild Soul Reflection

Full Moon in Leo: Stand in Your Own Spotlight, "A Conversation with Writer and Sound Healer, Kathy Harmon-Luber

February 05, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Full Moon in Leo: Stand in Your Own Spotlight, "A Conversation with Writer and Sound Healer, Kathy Harmon-Luber
Show Notes

This is the first Full Moon of 2023 and it's calling  you to "Stand in Your Own Unique Heartlight".   

In my last episode, we covered ideas and ways to value the unique and special gifts that every individual possesses.   In each moment we are  being encouraged and supported toward recognizing our gifts, talents, abilities, and inner self resources.   The previous New Moon in Aquarius is setting the tone for 2023, and perhaps even for the decade.

With the Moon's energy shining so brightly,  this is a time for inner illumination.  In other words , give yourself permission to truly feel the wonder and fabulousness of who you  really are.  The sign of Leo is about embracing who you are as an inspiration in the world.  Yes, this is the absolute "truth".

In our contemporary society,  we are socialized and acculturated to give away our "inner worth and light" to others.  It's important to be clear.  When we study our astrology maps,  our unique soul and life "signatures" will be different from anyone else's.  No two astrology blueprints are the same.   

What's totally magnificence is that all you and I need to do, is recognize and "Stand in Our Own Unique Soul Light". 

 Sure, that are plenty of people doing all kinds of things as highlighted on the social media platforms.  My question to you is this.  Are you "claiming and radiating"  your brilliance, joy, creativity, thoughtfulness, love, fun, generosity of spirit, on and on..........?

My conversation with the  brilliant, creative and beacon of light, Kathy Harmon-Luber,  illustrates so powerfully how the energy of Leo can operate in our lives.  Please make yourself comfortable, and prepare to glean words of wisdom from a woman who has chosen to live her life from a heart-centered space.

Please listen to this conversation from the perspective that you have everything it takes to stand in "your own spotlight".   Remember the message of this Full Moon is about releasing anything from the past which blocks you from "shining your light and being the center of your life."

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I am proud to announce my new offering as a Certified Creative Depth Coach. As a Creative Depth Coach, I provide guidance, support and soul insights on how to discover, explore and navigate your life by recognizing your magnificent "Creative Genius". By learning to walk in your own "Light" you become able to move through your life with deep awareness, greater ease and success.

Some of my modalities and Soul tools are "Art as Process" EFT Tapping, Sound and Music for Inner Journeying , using the wisdom of Astrology, Tarot, Oracle and Numerology. Schedule a personal conversation with me. I look forward to seeing you.

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