Your Wild Soul Reflection

Lunar Alchemy, Full Moon in Virgo Journeying with Saturn In Pisces: You Hold the Keys to Igniting, Navigating and Living Your Wisdom

March 12, 2023 MaeRuth McCants Episode 2
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Lunar Alchemy, Full Moon in Virgo Journeying with Saturn In Pisces: You Hold the Keys to Igniting, Navigating and Living Your Wisdom
Show Notes

Welcome Dear Listeners,

In this episode,  we're taking a look at the astrological changes that are going to reverberate in every area of our lives.  No matter when you listen to this episode, this lunar cycle with Full Moon in Virgo, the beginning transit of Saturn in Pisces presents a deep and evolutionary message of change.

As you listen to this episode, you will hear me mention that  I work with the signs in pairs.  This is no less the case with Virgo and Pisces.   It is helpful to recognize that signs can either be  viewed as opposites or operate complementary to one another.  In the case of Pisces and Virgo,  we have the symbolism of water(emotions/feeling energy) and Virgo, earth( practical/planning energy). 

So how can we ignite, navigate and live our lives in a way that brings the practical application of Virgo into expression,  and use the intuitive, imaginative,  spiritual and inner wisdom offered through the Pisces ?

One of the most powerful insights being revealed through Moon in Virgo, is about gaining an understanding,  while recognizing the powerful thinking ability of  Virgo .  This earth-based sign has a genius for organizing and creating viable forms and systems.  There is a pristine clarity  in the way that Virgo  brings refinement and a transformative quality to  whatever needs organizing and systematic development.

With Pisces energy positioned across from Virgo,  we are offered an opportunity to gain awareness of how to receive insights from the intuitive and cosmic realms.  This sign brings  a need to  understand that in order to have a full range of living, it's necessary to understand that we have to go beyond the 5 senses and mundane daily existence.  To be in "flow with this sign",  it's important to experience  it  through spiritual, mystical, magical and inner wisdom connections.

So we have the planet Saturn providing us with a chance to learn how to create structures of awareness, which work well with the Virgo energy and "know how".  Saturn provides a reality check on what is realistic, so that  the harnessing  of Pisces dreams, insights, visions, inner awareness can happen. 

Over the next 3 years, the  Saturn in Pisces frequency is going to shift focus from the collective false belief systems of separation between people.  Notice the symbolism of water, has become an actual force, where Mother Earth is presenting every kind of situation imaginable.  This is the "evolutionary, revolutionary and collective shake up" which is revealing, that old states of low vibrational collective consciousness  is being dissolved,

I am proud to announce my new offering as a Certified Creative Depth Coach. As a Creative Depth Coach, I provide guidance, support and soul insights on how to discover, explore and navigate your life by recognizing your magnificent "Creative Genius". By learning to walk in your own "Light" you become able to move through your life with deep awareness, greater ease and success.

Some of my modalities and Soul tools are "Art as Process" EFT Tapping, Sound and Music for Inner Journeying , using the wisdom of Astrology, Tarot, Oracle and Numerology. Schedule a personal conversation with me. I look forward to seeing you.

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