Your Wild Soul Reflection

Pluto in Aquarius: Welcome Your "Orb of Potential" as You Explore Your Treasure, the Magnificence of Yourself

March 30, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Pluto in Aquarius: Welcome Your "Orb of Potential" as You Explore Your Treasure, the Magnificence of Yourself
Show Notes

In this episode, I am working with the astrological symbolism of the planet Pluto.  I am taking a different direction in discussing what we might learn, apart  from the usual descriptions of this planet, especially since it has transited into the sign of Aquarius.

I have been pondering and meditating on what this powerful cosmic messenger wants to share.   First of all, it takes about 244 plus years for this planet to go through the entire 12 zodiac signs.  One reason that this transit is so important, particularly in the United States, is that Pluto was in the sign of Aquarius in1776, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

So here we are 248 years later,  and there's a gigantic question of how well has this country lived up to the tenets of freedom, democratic ideals, and as the land of the free for all individuals?

In this episode, I talk about the Aquarian principles of freedom, the need for radical change, and how each of us has to recognize that we possess a sovereign "wholeness" within the self, which I am calling the "Orb of Potential".

I also talk about what its means where the collective mentality and consciousness,  by in large, has denied  personhood, worth and value to many people.  So how can this metaphor, "Orb of Potential" become relevant in our contemporary  lives?

The symbol of Pluto in the air sign of Aquarius, is bringing a cosmic message that evolutionary change is occurring, through a monumental and unrelenting alchemy of total transformation.  In essence,  Pluto is the planetary symbol of what has to "die, fall way and be rebirthed".  The sign of Aquarius tells us what form this transformation is going to take.

The  significance of the"Orb"  is about each  person's willingness to seek a personal vision, while being a part of the collective consciousness.  Another way of looking at the "Orb", is seeing it as the very "core" of one's being.   It means asking who am I?  What's the life and Soul story that  I need to  own, acknowledge, celebrate and bring  into the world?

The key  message from Pluto in Aquarius, is a  determination to tell a new personal story that gives you the ability to live more fully and gracefully in your life.   It's important to recognize that Pluto is aligned with perceiving  who has "power" in our lives.

Mid-way through this episode, I provide a contrast of what this power dynamic is all about.  For many years, Pluto in Capricorn has offered  a system, of what it looks like when the collective belief is one of domination, and top down male-centered control.  

With Pluto in Aqua

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