Your Wild Soul Reflection

Celebrate the New You: New Moon Lunar Cycle with Solar Eclipse in Aries, and Find Your Magic with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

April 22, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Celebrate the New You: New Moon Lunar Cycle with Solar Eclipse in Aries, and Find Your Magic with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
Show Notes

This Lunar Cycle has features two New Moons in the sign of Aries, with the 2nd one opening the eclipse season.  New Moons always have a solar eclipse, while the full moon has the lunar one.

So what's the message from the stars for us?   We generally view the new year as starting in January with the change of the calendar year.  From the astrological connections and  by following nature,  the spring Equinox  with the first New Moon in Aries, we are offered the initial message.

What's the Aries, first sign of the zodiac message?  It is time to embrace your own new identity, starting over, determining purpose and taking action.  With this double New Moon and the Solar Eclipse,  we are encouraged and supported by the Moon, Herself, to awaken and experience the surging feeling of growth happening within.

Do you feel restless, physically constricted, emotionally pent-up or just generally  distracted?   Intention setting,   it is a time of focusing on creating something "new". This is a powerful opportunity to name and claim your desires.   What's needed to claim what you want?  Just step into your courage and move forward.

This New Moon energy is a wake-up call.   What parts of your life hasn't been working, and you know that you need a change?    Aries energy is about stepping up and taking the "leading role in your own life".   Your example of being willing to risk something different, is what can inspire others.

In many ways, the leadership style  the Aries person offers, is one of moving toward a chosen direction, and not letting anything or anyone get in the way.   This is the time to fully claim what lights up your life.   No one else can make this choice for your or me.

This Solar Eclipse in Aries, means a  time for personal change.   An energetic frequency,   a life "course adjustment", opens the path for greater expression in an important area of your life.

Aries is viewed as the  playful "baby" of the zodiac.   In nature we can see the tender young plants, birds, butterflies, all reaching and trying out their new wings.   In essence, Aries is the vitality that needs to be nurtured, which can be used to propel us forward.

Where in your star chart is this Aries with the Eclipse energy activated?  An important note:  This energy can be really active for the next 6 to 12 months. If other parts of your chart are stimulated by this lunar transit, it is possible to make stunning changes in your life.

The Magic of Mercury Retrograde In Taurus.  Now that you have received some clarity, focus and direction from

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Enjoy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Drumming Video:

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