Your Wild Soul Reflection

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Illuminate and Claim Your Life From the Inside Out

May 06, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Illuminate and Claim Your Life From the Inside Out
Show Notes

In this episode I take a look at the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Scorpio.  With this celestial event it is time to awaken and claim your entire being.  

The major emphasis with this Scorpio moon is the question of what needs to be fully relinquished and be transformed using the raw emotional energies that have gone underground.  Central to this idea  is the realization of  what has been disavowed, disowned, fallen out of favor, thrown away and totally disregarded in some way or other.

The term used to characterize these aspects of self is called the "shadow".  In astrology, the sign of Scorpio is associated with the planets Mars, ancient guide, and  Pluto, the modern. The house that is connected with this  sign is the 8th.  In astrology circles as well as with people in general, Scorpio has gain a reputation of being  the sign to most fear. Why? 

 There are two main reasons. The first one has to do with people being afraid of their own feelings and emotions in facing their life circumstances.    Second, Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house are associated with "death and dying. The fear which  has been activated on a collective level,  has been  resulted in many people disavowing being a part of Nature, the Stars, the Cosmos, Universe,  Great Mystery, Presence, Source, Great Mother, God, or whatever one's  naming choice. 

Western society as a whole  has disconnected from Nature.  The consequences of this disconnection is the lost of  essential wisdom.  Scorpio is intrinsically connected to the procreation cycle.  More to the point, every part of life has to be acknowledged, including the energy that comes with death, decay, regeneration, (re)birth, grow and expansion.  It's all about energy.  

It's important to realize that in the zodiac, every sign and planet has light and shadow.  The key to self-acceptance is the willingness to face the aspects of self that are fearsome, uncomfortable, scary, seemingly untenable and not accepted by others.  Every part of self calls out for acknowledgement.

Scorpio is the sign that has great capacity to go beyond the external and surface realm of things.  This is the sign that can embrace the mystical, mythic, intuitive and psycho-spiritual realms with courage.  This ability to step into the inner realm is thanks to both Mars and Pluto.  

This Lunar Eclipse is important, because there won't be another one in Scorpio until 2031.  So it is time that I conclude my journey through the training process. Scorpio is about letting go of what doesn't serve one's most" sacred self".

Scorpio is symbolized b

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