Your Wild Soul Reflection

Juneteenth 2023: A New Vision with the New Moon in Gemini, "Echoes of Freedom and Truth"

June 12, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Juneteenth 2023: A New Vision with the New Moon in Gemini, "Echoes of Freedom and Truth"
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm offering a different perspective, and perhaps  a"new view" of the American holiday, "Juneteenth".   Generally, this date is described as  an observance and declaration of  "freedom and emancipation"  of  enslaved African peoples,  in bondage and servitude for almost four centuries.  Now declared a national holiday for celebration,   it is more appropriately a commemoration of the dark and bleak times in this country.

In 2021, under the presidency of Joseph R. Biden, a proclamation was signed that made the date of June 19th a national holiday observance.  Many Americans of African heritage have long acknowledge this date as a time of "cultural remembrance".

If you have been a listener for awhile,  you are starting to understand that "Your Sacred Wild Soul" is where I  seek to explore the continuing journey of living using insight systems with an emphasis on astrology, divination cards and guided inquiry.  More and more, I am including  the power and the vibration of  how sound creation changes and affects our Soul expression.   In great part, I am seeking to be a voice and guide that endeavors to offer pathways for tuning into our intuition, wisdom and unique Soul frequencies.

So, Juneteenth, then becomes a way to meet ourselves in 2023 through embodying the understanding of what "freedom" means in terms of the heart-centered emanation of "Your(our) Sacred Wild Soul".   The over arching message that I propose, is "how well are you and I willing to know ourselves?

As you listen to this episode,  my essential question is:  "where in your life do you heard the "echoes of freedom and truth" calling to you? 

With the New Moon in Gemini, there is an opportunity to make a personal declaration, where  everyone can be part of the evolutionary shift towards self empowerment and transformational living.   Listen to the "Echoes of Freedom and Truth" in Your Heart.

We are pleased to offer our "Juneteenth" tribute through connection with ancient African wisdom.  Be Blessed and Enjoy .  Ashe.
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Please come and Celebrate, on Sunday, June 18th,  at The  Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living,  Redondo Beach, CA   the Freedom Day "Juneteenth" Celebration: A Time for Remembering.

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