Your Wild Soul Reflection

Outside of Our Comfort Zone: Trusting the Wonder of Retrograde Venus in Leo and the New Adventure with North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra

July 24, 2023 MaeRuth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
Outside of Our Comfort Zone: Trusting the Wonder of Retrograde Venus in Leo and the New Adventure with North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra
Show Notes

Indeed, this episode of "Your Sacred Wild Soul", was recorded in the spur of the moment.    The door is open, with Venus in Leo inviting us to embrace what we value most in ourselves.

Kathy, and I have regular Soul creative talks, where we explore our  artistic, expressive and creative abilities, as well as  our  interactions that examine the empowering and powerful movement of sound  alchemy  through drumming, sound healing,  and how  vibrational frequencies affect our lives.   

We use our astrology charts  for mapping and guiding our overall living, and specifically we seek the path of Music, which has been a companion for each of us, over the course of our lives.  Since the planet Venus is very much linked to understanding the wonder and beauty of relationships, we  actually can see this love of Music revealed in our individual astrological blueprints. 

Of course, the Venus message is revealed somewhere in every person's chart.  Since it is currently positioned in the sign of Leo, She is encouraging us to be courageous and release things that keep us from standing in our own light and power.  Leo is about shining in the world.

For the next six weeks Venus is directing us toward listening carefully and closely to our intuitive messages of reworking, reconnecting, revising, re-visioning what has deep meaning in our lives.  With the change of the nodes, North Node in Aries, and South Node in Libra, we might want to reexamine and find greater inspiration in relationships with people and situations which value and hold our well-being at heart.

With the North Node in Aries, this fiery energy of the first sign of the zodiac prompts us to step boldly to take risk, toward areas of our lives that need our attention.  This is the time to initiate self-direction.  Again listening to one's own inner guidance and wisdom is the call over the next eighteen months.

More and more, I am linking the frequencies and energies of the  cosmic astrological events with sound frequencies.  According to the work of Hans Causto, author of the book, "Cosmic Octave",  Venus resonates at a frequency of 221. 23 Hz.   

The real key is that each one of us is resonating at a particular frequency.  When we get into mind/body/Soul/Spirit alignment, is when everything really starts flowing and manifesting.  The message from Venus in Leo retrograde, is that we each have the "power to bend Universal Energy".
Kathy Harmon-Luber

I am proud to announce my new offering as a Certified Creative Depth Coach. As a Creative Depth Coach, I provide guidance, support and soul insights on how to discover, explore and navigate your life by recognizing your magnificent "Creative Genius". By learning to walk in your own "Light" you become able to move through your life with deep awareness, greater ease and success.

Some of my modalities and Soul tools are "Art as Process" EFT Tapping, Sound and Music for Inner Journeying , using the wisdom of Astrology, Tarot, Oracle and Numerology. Schedule a personal conversation with me. I look forward to seeing you.

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