Your Sacred Wild Soul

Full Moon in Aries, Tapping the Power and Treasure: Saying Yes to the New You

October 18, 2021 M Ruth McCants
Your Sacred Wild Soul
Full Moon in Aries, Tapping the Power and Treasure: Saying Yes to the New You
Show Notes

In this episode I talk about how pivotal this Full Moon in Aries is for us.  I encourage you to listen, take steps and create your own plan for, "Saying Yes to the New You".

The essential message in this conversation is that you and I are facing a decision about who's going to take charge of our life directions. Who is really in charge of living our lives?  I speak about the time we live in as being one  filled with uncertainty.  Yet this is the time of  "grand adventure" if we choose to make it so.

I invite you to listen to this episode, and let the Aries energy stir the fire in your knowing Soul
. This Aries Moon is about leaning into the freedom, and accepting  the greatness within and around us.

Along with Aries, we have the Sun and Mercury in Libra( direct now) supporting our reaching and finding emotional equilibrium.  This is a significant moment for making a personal declaration to ignite and activate the Divine fire, that's providing clarity for self-empowerment and Soul expression.

The time has passed for waiting and attempting to find someone to tell us how things are suppose to be.  No one knows except you and me, what we need to live our grandest lives. 

This Full Moon in Aries is offering  an opportunity to stand up for the vibrational frequency you truly desire.  This means holding a deep feeling for "16" seconds.  By totally embodying an uplifting vibration of peace, love, prosperity, creativity or any high consciousness thought/feeling, it will take root in the Cosmic Intelligence of Source, out of which everything manifests.

Now  is the time to show up and be illumined by the wisdom within.  Here's an affirmation, "I  confidently trust my "Wise Inner Self".   It's the time to choose the rare and exquisitely wonderful potential that is  within each person.  Isn't amazing to look at every individual we meet, and know this truth, but yet be afraid to accept our Divine and cosmic inheritance. 

Listen to yourself and take a step, whatever the size, and open yourself to the "New You".

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