Your Wild Soul Reflection

11:11 Step Through the Cosmic Gateway Portal: Celebrate An Amazing and Powerful New Beginning In Your Life.

November 11, 2021 M Ruth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
11:11 Step Through the Cosmic Gateway Portal: Celebrate An Amazing and Powerful New Beginning In Your Life.
Show Notes

In this episode I  begin with the feeling of stepping through the 11:11 Gate Way Portal into the inspiration of synchronicity.  Each year there's an opportunity to use the energetic frequency of 11:11 to see our lives in a more expanded way.

This double 1 resonates with being awaken to the potential that is revealed in our astrology and life map/blueprint.  Specially,  I talk about how  11:11 2021  has and is providing a pathway for a deeper re-emergence of the Divine Feminine archetype through recognition of frame drum pioneer and innovator.  Why is this important?

The energy of the 11:11 gateway gives an entry point for shifts in consciousness.  In this episode,  I share just a highlight about  the amazing life  of the late Layne Redmond,  who wrote the now famous book,  "When Women Were Drummers: A Spiritual History[Herstory] of Rhythm".   

Even though Layne past away in 2013, her legacy and lineage as master drummer, visionary priestess, ritualist, and wisdom teacher, is still bringing  a message from the ancient temple priestessess/drummers to modern women drummers in the Present time. 

Layne Redmond  is being inducted into the "Hall of Fame", within the Percussive Arts Society International Convention".   During here lifetime, she brought acknowledgement and recognition of the importance of the drum in the life of women all over the world, particularly in sacred rituals, ceremonies, and connections to daily life. 

In this episode, I refer to one of Layne's  students, Barbara Gail,  now a master drummer, ritualist,  and teacher in her own right.  She will be leading a  tambourine ( frame drum) processional during the induction ceremony.   

Whether you are a drummer, or just  listening to  this 11:11 episode because you are inquisitive about the power of drumming, I hope you will use this "gateway" portal to send a vibration of acknowledgement for "light" of Awakening that Layne Redmond left. 

11:11, is a time to listen and be open to the messages and intuitive insights that can change the total direction of  one's life.  As we walk through this "Gateway" we each have an opportunity to meet our true Soul's Way.  So Be It.

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