Your Sacred Wild Soul

"Your Word is Your Wand": Moon in Gemini Illuminating the Journey Toward 2022

December 16, 2021 M Ruth McCants
Your Sacred Wild Soul
"Your Word is Your Wand": Moon in Gemini Illuminating the Journey Toward 2022
Show Notes

I want to welcome you to this somewhat longer episode.  I invite you to get comfortable, pour your favorite beverage and settle in for the journey.  In this segment, I have the opportunity to speak with Ms Barbara Gail,  master tambourine drummer, teacher, ceremonialist, priestess/ guide and wisdomkeeper of the sacred lineage of women drummers. 

I have to  share that frame drumming is an absolute fascination of mine.  I feel that music, and drumming specifically,  found me.  Are the facets of  drumming and the music connection shown in my astrology chart?  My answer is a definite Yes!  

In the first few minutes of the episode, I talk about the wonder of this Full Moon in Gemini, the last one of 2021.   Barbara and I talk about the mythical and archetypal insights of creating Solstice ceremonies, processions and circles for empowering women to step out of the "shadows"

With this Full Moon in a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, we have a chance to speak in favor of what is meaningful, and heart-centered.  Through the illumination of this Gemini Moon the question is,  what "story is circling in the depths of your Soul? Are  envisioning a new one, or telling the same story in 2022"?   

This Moon quest is about understanding the power of our words, to either move life forward in an expansive and positive way, or to stay stuck in the past.  Only through truthful, honest  and heartfelt communication, can we personally and collectively, move out of the disillusionment and unworthiness that has been perpetuated for far too long.

As I indicated above, this show is a bit longer, but the invigorating, insightful and inspiring conversation with Barbara is well worth taking the time  and effort,  to listen  to someone who has and continues to follow her "Sacred Wild Soul's" calling.   Her wise words  offers us guidance about visioning and listening to  the uniqueness of our own inner wisdom.

Some the topics we cover are why is creating and participating in ceremony so vital for reconnecting with our humanity?  At the 15:50 time stamp, Barbara does a chant that seems to speak directly to moving into 2022.  Be sure and listen to:  "I begin to begin..."

There are so many gems in this "Conversation" which need to be heard.  She talks about what it is like to "pivot" and have to make major changes and adjustments over the past two years, and the blessings and gifts arising from the pandemic paradigm.

She talks about how the current drumming and teaching has come full circle from when she first started her tambourine drum studies with the late Layne Redmond(  please listen to the 11:11 episode)

We come full circle in our "Conversation", when she talks about another one of her teachers, "Ubaka Hill", (time stamp 44:35 ) who always tells her student to "Find Your Own Note", and don't attempt to be someone else.

We summed up our "Conversation" with a question.  What are you going to say Yes to,  in 2022  and beyond?  Remember "Your Word is Your Wand".

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