Your Wild Soul Reflection

"Happy New You" Visioning and Navigating 2022 with the Wisdom of the Moon

January 10, 2022 M Ruth McCants
Your Wild Soul Reflection
"Happy New You" Visioning and Navigating 2022 with the Wisdom of the Moon
Show Notes

This episode took a couple of days to contact me, and I was surprised that it turned out to be about using the "Wisdom of the Moon" for creating  a personal and unique planning and life guidance path.  I trust that as you listen, you'll be delighted and surprised too.

I've used the guidance of the Moon and lunar cycles for years.   But as I was putting this episode together I received  intuitive insight that this way of life planning needs to be shared with others. 

What's exciting about using the Moon is that lunar knowledge is available to everyone.
  Of course, I realize there are people who  won't use this way of connecting and gaining personal awareness.  Nevertheless,  using the "lunar way" to  gain clarity for daily life direction , while  activating deeper embodiment of Soul growth and purpose, is a powerful way to claim self worth and personal value.

Why is the Moon so intriguing?  It's the closest planetary body to Earth.  It has a profound vibrational effect upon  every person.  The  ocean tides as well as our bodies, are affected and regulated by the movement of the Moon.   No matter where a person lives in the world, the Moon shines equality upon each individual.

The Moon has been and probably continues to be the subject of mytho-poetic expressions, and has a  magical, mystical and mysterious force that continues to send messages for inspiration, insight and practical guidance.  How can you use the Moon, the lunar cycles and phases to create a life with more ease, peace, and inner knowing?

Moon guidance can start with paying attention to what you feel, starting with the "Dark/New Moon and then the Full Moon".  To use "Moon Wisdom" first of all  means  being tuned into your own feelings. The second part of using the the Moon is to develop your own personal tracking guide. 

The beauty and uniqueness of Moon guidance is that we each can be empowered and have an active role in determining our own life direction.

In 2022, this is a  time of making  decisions about what you will or won't accept in your life.  The essential  focus is in on what's supportive and brings you into your own sovereignty and person hood. 

Moon Wisdom can help you to determine what is true and energetically viable for your life "and "Your Sacred  Wild Soul" experience.   I'm look forward to sharing and exchanging "Moon Wisdom" over the next episodes. 


I am proud to announce my new offering as a Certified Creative Depth Coach. As a Creative Depth Coach, I provide guidance, support and soul insights on how to discover, explore and navigate your life by recognizing your magnificent "Creative Genius". By learning to walk in your own "Light" you become able to move through your life with deep awareness, greater ease and success.

Some of my modalities and Soul tools are "Art as Process" EFT Tapping, Sound and Music for Inner Journeying , using the wisdom of Astrology, Tarot, Oracle and Numerology. Schedule a personal conversation with me. I look forward to seeing you.

Enjoy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Drumming Video:

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